Compare and Contrast Essay: A Complete Writing Guide

Making comparisons and contrasts in an essay is a typical assignment that you might often be given by your professor. It is a type of essay written to analyze a minimum of two items. They could be more but the main objective is to provide similarities between them and their differences as well. All the same, it is important to take note that the items being compared and contrasted are somehow related in a way. Therefore, it wouldn’t be hard to highlight their differences and similarities.

At the beginning of a compare and contrast essay, you are required to write an introduction to the items of discussion. Think of two subjects in the same category but with typical differences that can be identified. For instance, they could be two movies or countries with a similar background. The overall objective is to present the vitality and implications of your assessment.

Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Your essay should have a direction. Look at the main objective for writing this kind of essay and stick to it. You will be expected to point out all similarities and differences with a lot of clarity for your reader to see. To achieve this, you need to:

  • Do a good analysis of the two items before writing anything. Learn the basics of each of the items under review and do thorough research around the topic. Making comparisons and contrasts from a well-informed point of view will give you an easy time writing your essay.
  • Introduce your topic. The first thing to do when writing this type of essay is to introduce your topic. Don’t go straight to making comparisons and contrasts. It is important to provide a general overview of your discussion before going to the key highlights.
  • Be an analytical thinker. This essay requires analytical skills to be able to pick even the slightest similarities and differences between both sides. It is important to look at the subject objectively and ensure that there is a proper presentation of the topic at hand. Your reader must see a clear cut between these two sides of the coin. Most importantly, there should be enough comparisons and contrasts to make the essay worth writing about.
  • Write similarities and differences in different subsections of your essay. Don’t mix up everything. Ensure you take a proper analytical approach and tackle each aspect separately. Ensure you have a subtopic for the comparisons and another for the contrasts. This will help your reader understand your essay much better.
  • Write a Conclusion. In the end, provide a summary of your discussions highlighting how the items relate but are still unique in their different aspects.

The Bottom Line

Look for the best compare and contrast essay topic to write about. Ensure you have conducted thorough research to pick an interesting topic that has strong points worth writing about. Do not forget to proofread my paper when it’s done. Being knowledgeable in your area of writing will give you an upper hand completing this type of assignment. Therefore, take time to study your topic before writing your essay!

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